Kosovo man killed himself in jail while awaiting extradition to U.S.

Gazeta Express
28 Gusht 2019 10:39

Kosovo Man identified as Binak Gjergjaj (52) from Klina was found dead at his cell in the detention centre of Peja. Prison authorities suspect he has committed suicide. Gazeta Express has learned that Gjergjaj was kept in detention since 14 June 2019 pending extradition procedures after he was wanted by United States authorities accused of murder.

Gjergjaj from municipality of Klina was found dead in his cell at the detention centre of Peja. Authorities suspect that he has hanged himself to death. Gjergjaj was being kept in prison pending extradition procedures to the US when he was accused of a murder in Michigan. The news on his death was confirmed by spokesperson of the Basic Prosecution Office in peja, Shkodran Nikci. Last week a Kosovo citizen Ymer Shahini was extradited to the US suspected of fraudlent activities. This marked the first extradition after Kosovo-U.S. Extradition Treaty entered into forced. /Gazeta Express/

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