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Kosovo Elections: All regular votes counted


Gazeta Express

08/10/2019 15:53

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has published in its website results of the 100 percent of all regular votes from 6 October elections. Based on the preliminary results the Vetevendosje has won 202,968 votes, or 25.49 percent and is leading. The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) is ranked as second with 197,702 votes, or 24.82 percent.

Based on the CEC data the Democratic Party of Kosovo is ranked as third with 169,211 votes or 21.23 percent. The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and Social Democratic Party (PSD) coalition won 92,149 votes or 11.57 percent. Srpska List won 52,620 votes, or 6.61 percent. Nisma-AKR-PD coalition won 39,495 votes or 4.96 percent and has not reached the threshold. According to the CEC these are only preliminary results and do not include the conditional, by-mail and special need ballots. /GazetaExpress/