Kosovo election winners agree on coalition

Gazeta Express
10 Tetor 2019 14:47

Albin Kurti, whose party the Vetevendosje won Sunday’s election, met on Thursday the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) representatives, its leader Isa Mustafa and candidate for prime minister Vjosa Osmani, marking the official launch of negotiations on forming of a new government.

After the meeting Kurti, who is candidate for prime minister from Vetevendosje, told media that they have discussed with the LDK modalities of reaching an agreement to corm new government. Kurti said they agreed with the LDK to scrap the number of ministries and deputy ministers in new Government. He also said they agreed with Osmani to have a Government respecting a 30 percent gender quota. He said that other details of the future Government are to be agreed in coming days adding that the two parties will create working groups to work on modalities of the government coalition. He also said that their coalition will not run after the Srpska List, a political entity representing Serbs in Kosovo. Kosovo has lost a lot of time, and expectations are high. We launched negotiations without losing time with the idea for a joint efficient and strong government. We want to meet citizens expectations and to orientate the state towards progress and democracy,” Kurti said. “Our teams will meet and harmonise our programs and projects. We have discussed on how to reduce and merge responsibilities in the Government’s cabinet. As soon as we reach a deal we will inform public opinion on individual names composing future government,” Kurti stated.

The LDK candidate for prime minister, Vjosa Osmani, confirmed to media after meeting Kurti that they have discussed reaching of a post-election coalition to form new Government of the Republic of Kosovo. Osmani said there is readiness from both parties to reach a coalition and they are waiting for certification of the election results to confirm the deal. “We have discussed only on principles. Both parties are willing to co-govern,” Osmani stated confirming that future Government will have a reduced number of ministries. “It is up to parties to discuss further details. We are waiting for the count of all votes before reaching a final agreement. There is willingness form both sides,” Osmani said. /GazetaExpress/

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