Kosovo convicts ex-KLA fighter of war crimes

Gazeta Express
3 Korrik 2019 16:30

The Basic Court in Prizren on Wednesday has sentenced Remzi Shala to 14 years in prison for war crimes against civilian population.

“The accused R.SH. from the village Shiroke of Suhareka, has been found guilty on war crimes and is convicted to 14 years in  prison,” it is stated in a press release issued by the Basic Court in Prizren. Former Kosovo LiberatioN Army (KLA) member, Remzi Shala, in December 2018 was summoned by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office for questioning by the Hague prosecutors, but he refused the invitation and evaded justice. Shala was surrendered last month to rule of law authorities after living for almost since months as fugitive. He was found guilty of being involved in killing two Albanian civilians during the war in Kosovo in 1998. /GazetaExpress/

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