Kosovo bus stoned in Serbia

Gazeta Express
13 Qershor 2019 14:44

A Kosovo bus had been attacked near Belgrade while transiting the territory of Serbia on Wednesday evening and several windows were broken. No injuries have been reported. The incident was condemned by Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying the attack was politically motivated by political representatives of Serbia.

The bus was stoned and according to photos appeared online several windows were broken but no injuries have been reported. Kosovo Foreign Ministry reacting to the incident said that such attacks are risking lives of Kosovo citizens, and called on the European Union to condemn these incidents. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is deeply concerned with the recent attack of a bus transporting Kosovo citizens while transiting the territory of Serbia. We are concerned with the continuous attacks against everything moving from Kosovo through the neighbouring country, and these attacks have the potential to increase and represent threat to lives of our citizens,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement to Gazeta Express. The Foreign Ministry says that they have not received an official report from Serbian authorities on Wednesday’s incident and advised citizens to avoid travelling through Serbia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that they are “alarmed” with the fact that the EU institutions are not reacting after a series of incidents and campaign of Serbia against Kosovo and its citizens. /GazetaExpress/

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