Kosovo and Serbia have signed an advanced agreement on borders, says Haradinaj

Gazeta Express
11 Qershor 2019 11:51

Kosovo prime minister, Ramush Haradinaj, said Tuesday that a frame agreement listing all topics leading towards mutual recognition is a precondition for resumption of dialogue with Serbia.

Addressing media after the Government meeting Haradinaj said that he deems unnecessary discussion on borders considering that Kosovo and Serbia have already signed an Agreement on Integrated Border Management (IBM) during the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels, Gazeta Express reports.

Haradinaj said that Kosovo is preparing for the Paris Summit set to be held on 1 July, adding however that the summit might fail, but not because of Kosovo. He said that even if the dialogue continues be facilitated by the European Union, a frame agreement is necessary. “Without a frame agreement on mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia, dialogue is not illogical. Kosovo and Serbia have an agreement on IBM. When sometimes we are asked on which borders we are discussing, we can say on the IBM borders, because we have already signed an agreement on borders,” Haradinaj said. “Kosovo cannot discuss again IBM, therefore a frame agreement, should serve as a guarantee on further discussions, or whether there will be a dialogue or not,” Haradinaj said. “I don’t know why someone still mentions borders, when the two countries [Kosovo and Serbia] have signed the IBM. I wonder why we have signed the agreement, why the EU has invested in this?” Haradinaj said. /GazetaExpress/

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