Kadri Veseli to Klan Kosova TV: I am in Ljubljana

Gazeta Express
3 Maj 2019 18:58

Speaker of Kosovo parliament, has confirmed that he has travelled to Ljubljana, adding however that he has not been summoned by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, denying that he will be questioned by the Hague prosecutors.

Veseli told Klan Kosova TV that he travelled to Slovenian capital for a PhD study related issues. Veseli denying the reports on being summoned as a suspected by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office for his role as former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander, said that he would publically admit if summoned by the hague based court dealing with alleged crimes committed by the KLA.

Gazeta Express has learned form its cources within the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office that Veseli will travel to The Hague, when he will be questioned by international prosecutors. /GazetaExpress/

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