Infectious Disease Clinics rules out use of chemical agents

Gazeta Express
15 Tetor 2019 14:58

Director of the Infectious Clinics of the University Clinical Centre of Kosovo, Lindita Ajazaj-Berisha, in a press conference on Tuesday, has ruled out use of chemical agents after several members of the Central Elections Commission (CEC), suffered an allergic reaction on Sunday following opening of envelopes containing ballots transported from Serbia, Gazeta Express reports.

Ajazaj-Berisha said that results of the Biochemical Institute after analysing samples taken from patients received with allergic reaction on Sunday show that there is no trace of chemical agents. “Based on samples taken from patients, we have excluded the possibility of any infectious disease, or traces of any chemical agent,” she said. Further she said that the 12 patients who were rushed to hospital on Sunday are in stable condition and they are considering releasing them from hospital. “We have 12 patients in the infectious clinics. Their situation appears stable and we will release them home when deemed reasonable. According to results we have received, it is confirmed that there is no infectious syndrome,” Ajazaj-Berisha said.

Kosovo held early general elections on 6 October. Last Sunday twenty-six officials had allergic reactions and skin problems after opening the ballot boxes coming from Serbia. Emergency centre doctors said all had itching and reddened skin. Twelve of them were kept at the hospital for further treatment. /GazetaExpress/

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