How Serbia’s Vucic is trying to get closer to US President Trump

Gazeta Express
13 Qershor 2019 15:00

Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, reiterated on Thursday that he will invite again the US President, Donald Trump, to visit Serbia, and “will try to speak” on Kosovo with some of Trump’s close associates. He said that he would ask support for finding a compromise solution on Kosovo issue. Vucic has invited many times publically President Trump to visit Serbia.

Vucic made the comments when asked on celebrations in Kosovo marking 20th anniversary of NATO troops deployment, and the statement of the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer who attending main celebration of Kosovo Liberation Day in Pristina, said the US will continue to be on Kosovo’s side. “Of course Amerika is on Kosovo’s side and will protect them. This is done also by Germany and other countries of Quint, and to us this is a serious and difficult problem,” Vucic said. He said that this is one of the crucial problems of Serbia adding that he will continue fighting for national interests. /GazetaExpress/

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