Horrifying and disturbing photo emerges depicting Serbian forces rape a Kosovo woman

Gazeta Express
16 Maj 2019 13:27

Member of Kosovo Parliament, Flora Brovina, has presented Thursday in front of media a photo, which as she said, is a clear evidence depicting Serbian soldiers raping a 35-year old Kosovo Albanian woman during the war.

Brovina, who is a human rights activist and was held in prison by Serbia during Kosovo war, says the Kosovo Albanian woman was raped as her family members were forced to watch under threat of weapons. In the graphic content photo are depicted a group of men with Serbian army uniforms raping a girl while in background are seen three men kneeled and forced to watch this horrifying act. “The picture was uncovered from a camera of a Serbian solider which confirms this terrible crime. This is only one of the atrocities when family members were forced to watch the acts of sexual violence against Albanian women. There are many other cases when Serbian police and military has gathered Albanian women and raped them systematically,” Brovina said.

Brovina gave no further details of the photo in order to protect the privacy of victims. “The woman now is in her 50s and when the crime happened she was 35,” Brovina said adding that she knows the identity of the woman. Local and international organisations estimate that around 20 thousand women have been raped by Serbian forces during the war in Kosovo. No one has been convicted of war crimes twenty years after the war. Kosovo MP made the comments ahead of the Parliament session when MPs are expected to vote a resolution on Serbian crimes during 1998-1999 war in Kosovo, calling among other international community to establish a war crimes tribunal for Serbia’s genocide in Kosovo. /GazetaExpress/

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