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Haradinaj travels to Hague on Tuesday


Gazeta Express

22/07/2019 21:35

Outgoing prime minister, Ramush Haradinaj, in an interview with T7 television show Pressing confirmed that on Tuesday he will travel to the Hague after being summoned by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office to be questioned on his role as wartime commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

“Yes tomorrow [Tuesday] I will travel to the Hague,” Haradinaj told T7. Haradinaj has offered his resignation last Friday after receiving the summons from the Hague based court established to investigate and try alleged crimes committed by the KLA. He told T7 that he was against going to the Hague in his capacity as prime minister of Kosovo and being questioned as a war crime suspect. “I was against sending Kosovo prime minister before investigators, instead I chose to send Ramush,” he said confirming that he has recieved the summons last Friday and has decided to immediately resign as prime minister. The caretaker prime minister said that he was not indicted by the Kosovo Specialist Chambers adding that he is ready to run in election if no indictment is filed against him. “If no indictment is filed, and if I am summoned only for questioning and return home, I will run in election,” Haradinaj said adding that the country should move towards snap election as soon as possible.

Commenting on his political moves during his time he served as prime minister of Kosovo, Haradinaj said that the decision to introduce 100 percent tax on Serbian and Bosnia-Herzegovina goods was a right decision and has prevented Kosovo from partition. “I was obliged to defend territorial integrity of Kosovo,” he stated. Haradinaj said that he is against revocation of the decision on tariffs, reiterating his official stance that the tax will be revoked only after Serbia recognises Kosovo as an independent country. When asked to comment the silence of ambassadors accredited in Kosovo and international community to his resignation, Haradinaj said that Ambassadors have reacted on almost everything adding that their silence might be interpreted as approval of his decision. He stated that Kosovo is willing to continue the dialogue with Serbia. “I have not resigned to halt the dialogue. I want only to stop partition of Kosovo or establishment of the Association” of Serb-majority Municipalities with executive powers, Haradinaj said. “I have told internationals not to exert pressure on Kosovo.  If the pressure continues the entire region will be destabilised,” Haradinaj said. /Gazeta Express/