Haradinaj to EU member states: Free movement of Kosovo citizens will cause you no problems


Gazeta Express

06/09/2019 12:59

Bundestag MP Peter Beyer, who visited Kosovo a few days ago, said at a joint conference with the outgoing Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj that visa liberalization for Kosovo could be a Christmas present. However, Beyer said that Germany is in favor of visa liberalisation for Kosovo but should also be supported by other EU member states, Gazeta Express reports. Meanwhile, Haradinaj said today that no Schengen area state will face problems if Kosovo is granted visa liberalisation. “In Kosovo there is a database, a system of surveillance and control of border crossings. We are waiting the decision of the EU countries for liberalization and we assure everyone that the Government and Police of Kosovo will perform their duties responsibly,” Haradinaj said. /GazetaExpress/