German Ambassador optimistic on resumption of Kosovo-Serbia talks

Gazeta Express
22 Gusht 2019 12:10

German Ambassador to Belgrade, Thomas Schieb, is optimistic that Kosovo-Serbia dialogue will resume, Gazeta Express reports.

Ambassador Schieb speaking to N1 said that said that everyone is trying to convince Pristina to revoke the 100 percent tariffs on Serbian goods. He recalled that the Quint ambassadors called both sides to abandon any activities which could have a negative effect on the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, including Belgrade’s campaign to convince other countries to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo. He voiced optimism that Pristina would agree to revoke the tariffs.   “As long as the talks are not underway, a solution is hard to find. As long as there is no dialogue the situation could deteriorate,” Schieb stated.  

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