Future Government of Kosovo with 15 ministries only

Gazeta Express
27 Qershor 2019 15:02

Law on Wages of public sector enters into force in November this year, whereas the Draft Law on Government foresees future cabinet to have only 15 ministries. This was stated by Besnik Tahiri, State Coordinator on Reform in Public Administration during a conference organized by the EU Office in Kosovo and ministry of Public Administration.

During this conference were presented results of the first year of implementation of the Public Administration Reform. Talking on the Draft Law on Government, he said that the number of ministries will drop to 15 and there will be no ministry with more than two deputy ministers. Approval of these two laws, according to Tahiri is an important step on public administration reform. “There will be no partial implementation of the Law on wages, whoever tries to find something in-between is wrong. Approved laws should be implemented entirely. On 1 November the Law on Wages will be fully implemented. Everything will get ready on 1 September at latest,” Tahiri said. /GazetaExpress/

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