France not convinced on lifting visas for Kosovo

Gazeta Express
29 Tetor 2019 16:24

Chances for Kosovo to get visa liberalisation as a gift for Christmas are grim. In addition to Germany, other EU members are reluctant in granting Kosovo citizens visa liberalisation any time soon, until the Kosovo delivers concrete results in fighting organised crime and corruption, diplomatic sources in France told Gazeta Express.

“Kosovo is required to fulfil certain conditions in return of visas, including rule of law and fight against organised crime and corruption,” a diplomatic source told Gazeta Express. The source said that in addition to France who are not convinced to grant Kosovo visa free regime, there are other countries who think that Kosovo has not fulfilled all the EU’s conditions, adding that Paris will closely monitor Kosovo’s progress in fighting organised crime and corruption.

“France believes, jointly with some other countries, that Kosovo has not fulfilled all the conditions, and is closely following developments in the rule of law area and in fighting organised crime and corruption,” an unnamed source told Gazeta Express.

“Positive developments in this field, such as adoption of some laws on the rule of law area by the Parliament of Kosovo and reformation of judiciary in particular, are insufficient to produce tangible results. Continuous implementation of reforms is vital in order for the laws to be fully implemented,” the source said adding that the visa liberalisation will be addressed by the EU Council only after the EU member countries are convinced that all conditions have been met.

German Member of Bundestag Peter Beyer during a recent visit to Pristina stated that Kosovo can get visa liberalization as a gift for Christmas. However, waving visas by the end of this year is unlikely considering the change of power in Kosovo after 6 October elections. /GazetaExpress/

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