Former Kosovo fighter who refused Hague prosecutors questioning, arrested

Gazeta Express
24 Maj 2019 15:55

Former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) member, Remzi Shala, who refused questioning of the Hague based Specialist Prosecutor’s Office has been arrested on Friday.

Shala was arrested at the warrant of the Basic Court in Prizren after not showing up at the court where he is tried suspected of killing of a Kosovo Albanian civilian during Kosovo war in 1998. After receiving summons in December 2018, Shala publically stated that he does not recognise the Hague based Specialist Chambers and considers this court as biased. His whereabouts remained unknown ever since. He was facing trial also by local court in Prizren suspected of killing a Kosovo Albanian man in 1998. Shala was brought by the Kosovo Police to the courtroom on Friday where he is facing an indictment of being involved in killing an Albanian civillian in the Malisheva region. Shala’s arrest has been confirmed also by his lawyer Natal Bullakaj. /GazetaExpress/

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