First indictments of the Hague Tribunal soon, says head of KLA veterans


Gazeta Express

29/10/2019 20:10

Head of the Association of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Veterans, Hysni Gucati, says the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office has summoned for questioning dozens of ex-KLA members in October and said that the first indictments by the Specialist Chambers are expected soon.

Gucati also said the budget allocated by the Government of Kosovo for defense of potential indictees by this Court based at the Hague is insufficient to cover minimum expenses considering that potential indictees will have to travel to the Hague. He hopes the new Government which will be formed after 6 October elections will allocate additional budget for the potential indictees of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. Gucati said that based on information he obtained from international lawyers, the first arrests of ex-KLA members are expected at the beginning of November. The Specialist Prosecutor’s Office and Specialist Chambers are established to investigate and try alleged crimes committed by the KLA during and after the war in Kosovo in 1998-2000. /GazetaExpress/