Ex-KLA member went to Hague for questioning

Gazeta Express
13 Maj 2019 13:34

Former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Ahmet Rrahmanaj, has travelled Monday to the Hague when he will be interviewed by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office. On Tuesday another war veteran will be questioned by the Hague prosecutors on his role during Kosovo war.

The news has been confirmed to Gazeta Express, by the head of the Association of the KLA veterans, Hysni Gucati. “Yes we are aware that Rrahmani has travelled today to the Hague. Two other war veterans have already travelled to Hague for questioning. On Tuesday another ex-KLA member will travel to the Hague. This means that there are four ex-KLA members who will be interviewed within this group,” Gucati said. He said that it remains unknown on what capacity they were summoned by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office.

Kosovo Parliament has approved the Law on Specialist Chambers in 2015, whereas this international war crimes court became operational in 2017. The Court has been established to prosecute and cry alleged crimes committed by the KLA. /GazetaExpress/

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