Ex-KLA Member Rejects Hague Court Summons

Gazeta Express
23 September 2019 13:41

A former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) member has rejected the summons of the Hague-based Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), the Association of the KLA veterans announced Monday.

The Association of the KLA Veterans says that Bashkim Gashi from Suhareka has been summoned by the SPO, but he has rejected the invitations to appear before Hague prosecutors and be questioned on his role during Kosovo war. “The Association of KLA veterans, wants to inform public opinion that Bashkim Gashi from Suhareka has rejected the Special Court summons. “Mr. Gashi was in our office, and in the summons he was called for questioning on 24 September 2019, but he has rejected without further explanations, we as the Association of KLA veterans, advised him to accept the next summons and not create a precedent for other invitees,” it is stated in the press release issued by Kosovo war veterans. KLA veterans called on media not to contact Gashi on this issue. Dozens of former KLA members, including senior ex-KLA commanders, have been summoned by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office and they were questioned by Hague prosecutors either in the Hague or Pristina. /GazetaExpress/

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