EU urges outgoing authorities of Kosovo not to appoint new notaries

Gazeta Express
14 Tetor 2019 11:24

The European Union Office in Kosovo, asked the outgoing Government to refrain from appointments of any notaries, Gazeta Express reports.  

“We call on the outgoing authorities of Kosovo to refrain from appointments of any notaries as we strongly believe the decision in this regard should be left to the new government,” the EU Office said in a statement. Further the statement reads that the European Union is a steadfast supporter of the Free Legal Professions in Kosovo and in this regard has supported the local authorities and these professions directly to strengthen them in terms of their number and status. According to the EU Office this also includes the notaries as those who guarantee a lawful and safe legal contracting and prevent documentary fraud. “The regular and lawful selection and appointment process of the notaries is essential to foster the trust that the society vests upon the individuals who play this responsible role. This process must therefore be free from any allegations of irregularity, either true or perceived,” it is written in the statement.

The decision of the Kosovo Ministry of Justice to select new notaries has been criticised by local NGOs as well as the International Union of Notaries and German Federal Chamber of Notaries, who claim that rapid increase of number of notaries might harm the notary field. /GazetaExpress/

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