EU Council to decide on waving visas for Kosovo

Gazeta Express
3 Prill 2019 0:13

Igor Soltes, Member of the European Parliament and standing Rapporteur for Kosovo, gives no deadlines on waving visas and urged the EU Council and member countries to give the green light for Kosovo citizens move freely in the EU Schengen area.

The European Parliament Rapporteur for Kosovo, Igor Solters, says the decision on liberalisaing visas for Kosovo is with the EU Council, reminding that the European Parliament has reconfirmed last week its vote in favour of waving visas. In a written interview with Gazeta Express, Soltes said that the European Parliament vote reconfirms and strengthens the position of majority of MPs in favour of visa liberalisation. “Through voting in the plenary session of the European Parliament last week, the position of EP has been reconfirmed, subsequently becoming more powerful,” Soltes said. Asked on next steps expected to be taken until visas are waved, Rapporteur on Kosovo, said that it is up to the EU Council to decide. “We are still waiting for the EU Council decision, in order to start trialogue negotiations,” Soltes explained to Gazeta Express. He said that after reconfirmed vote of the EP it is time for the EU Council’s move to give the green light in order for the visa free regime becomes reality for Kosovo citizens. “At this point it is with the EU Council and EU members to decide, because they should give the green light in order to conclude the visa liberalisation process for Kosovo,” Soltes told Gazeta Express. He has not commented when asked whether visa liberalisation is possible during this summer. “There is no deadline or date, but I hope this happens as soon as possible,” Soltes said. /GazetaExpress/

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