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Vote against budget report of Pristina mayor shows rift in Vetevendosje

Vote against budget report of Pristina mayor shows rift in Vetevendosje GazetaExpress

Pristina Mayor, Shpend Ahmeti, who won a second term running as Vetevendosje candidate during last year’s local elections, has been challenged on Wednesday by most of his party Municipal Assembly councillors, who voted against approval of a budget report for 2017. The symbolic vote against Ahmeti by his party members has revealed a deep rift within this movement.

The vote of Vetevendosje’s municipal councillors in Pristina against a financial report of the mayor Shpend Ahmeti, is interpreted as a sign that Ahmeti will have to finally leave his comfort zone and take a side of one of the Vetevendosje faction. Senior members of this party, including former leader Visar Ymeri and secretary, Dardan Moliqaj, have resigned from their positions dissatisfied with the founder and re-elected leader of this party, Albin Kurti. The party risks splitting after exchange of accusations and resignation of MPs and other senior officials. Shpend Ahmeti until now has not taken any position but Wednesday’s vote can be seen as a turning point for him to take side and pledge alliance to one of the factions.  

The Vetevendosje municipal councillors during the meeting argued that the financal report is not complete and has many shortcomings. Also the report was not voted by opposition councillors of the PDK and LDK.

    Date: 07 March 2018 16:16
    Author: GazetaExpress