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US Ambassador Delawie: Kosovo’s independence irreversible

US Ambassador Delawie: Kosovo’s independence irreversible GazetaExpress

Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not received any official document on revocation of recognition from the Republic of Suriname as reported by media. Also the Suriname government has not confirmed such a decision. Only Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić, said that Suriname has revoked Kosovo’s recognition.

The US Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie, was asked by the Radio Free Europe (RFE) to comment if such an act would pose a problem for Kosovo. He responded through a written response clarifying that the United States support for Kosovo has not changed while the fact of Kosovo's independence is irreversible. 

"We appeal to countries that have not yet formally recognized this fact, to do so and, in doing so, to contribute to guaranteeing peace and stability in the Balkans and helping to preserve a whole Europe, which will be free and in peace. Both, Kosovo and Serbia should focus on the final result and reach agreement on what is known as normalization of relations. This requires compromise on both sides," said ambassador Delawie. 

Meanwhile, Jetlir Zyberaj from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told RFE that the "retraction of recognition" by Suriname has not been confirmed by the state authorities of Suriname.

    Date: 02 November 2017 10:21
    Author: GazetaExpress