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Thaci dissatisfied with the EU Strategy on Western Balkans

Thaci dissatisfied with the EU Strategy on Western Balkans GazetaExpress

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci who is in Washington, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the European Commission Strategy on Western Balkans published on Tuesday. In a Facebook post Thaci wrote that because of political reasons, the document has not offered clear membership perspective for all countries of the region. Kosovo, according to Thaci was left behind.

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, said that the new EC Strategy on Western Balkans, failed to offer clarity on Kosovo’s membership into the EU, and according to the President, Kosovo faced injustice. However he said that the country will work to fulfil EU requests, by advancing its position. “This strategy is a determination of the EU to increase its commitment and stimulate reforms of the countries of the region in their path towards the EU,” Thaci wrote. “Therefore I welcome publication of this strategic document, which treats Kosovo as integral part of EU enlargement plans,” he wrote.

According to Thaci because of the political reasons, not all countries were treated equally in the new strategy. “In particular, this strategy has failed to offer clarity on Kosovo’s EU membership,” he wrote. According to Thaci’s EU’s approach towards of Kosovo is influenced by the EU member countries which did not recognise country’s independence and shows inability of the EU to have a unique stance on Kosovo. He said that Kosovo will continue working on advancing its position when it comes to the EU integration process by implementing reforms and concluding the EU-brokered dialogue with Serbia. “Kosovo needs to urgently overcome current isolation, by ratifying the Agreement on border delineation with Montenegro, which will bring visa liberalisation for our citizens,” Thaci wrote. He said that Kosovo should work hard and be committed in order to avoid every political barrier, in order for Kosovo to achieve its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.  

    Date: 07 February 2018 11:31
    Author: GazetaExpress