Serbia protests after Interpol removed ex-KLA members from wanted list

The decision of Interpol to remove former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) from their wanted list has angered Serbia who complained at the Executive Committee of Interpol asking the warrants filed by them not be erased. Part of the Interpol wanted list were ex-KLA commanders, including senior state officials of Kosovo who after disbanding of the KLA after the war in 1999 joined politics.


Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has confirmed that Interpol removed ‘red notice’ for ex-KLA commanders, who are wanted by Serbia on alleged war crimes. Serbian authorities have complained to Interpol Executive Committee related to this decision, Gazeta Express reports. “In coordination with other institutions, right after the announcement that the Interpol has erased from its system war crimes warrants, we have filed a complaint because of this action,” officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Belgrade daily Novosti. According to Novosti in the complaint sent to Interpol Serbia has listed all Interpol alleged violations, concluding that this organisation took illegal action. According to Serbian daily, former KLA commanders were removed from the ‘red notice’ by disregarding relevant commissions of the International Police Organisation. Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs, Flamur Sefaj, said on Tuesday that he got confirmation from Inteprol that this organisation has suspended the arrest warrants against former KLA members, who are wanted by Serbia on alleged war crimes during Kosovo war.  


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