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Serbedzija reacts, considers Adem Jashari a criminal, Luan Kryeziu a liar

Serbedzija reacts, considers Adem Jashari a criminal, Luan Kryeziu a liar GazetaExpress

Actor Rade Serbedzija has reacted to statements of Kosovo film director, Luan Kryeziu, who said that the Serbian actor from Croatia was interested in playing Adem Jashari’s role. But in a reaction on Thursday Serbedzija has refuted these claims and agreed with the qualification of Serbian media, who called Kosovo hero Adem Jashari “a criminal”.

Serbedzdija, who is known for his films in Hollywood, said that the statement of the Kosovo film director is a lie, aimed at only drawing attention. He even said that it would be meaningless to offer him Adem Jashari’s role, and meaningless to him to accept such a role. He also said that Serb media were right when calling Adem Jashari “a criminal.”

“It is utterly meaningless to offer me to play that role just as it is meaningless to believe that I would accept such a role. However, I am glad that most of Serb media have judged these stories right,” said Serbedzija. He also sent a message to Kosovo film director. “If that young film director wants to be a real artist, he should bear in mind that the truth is precondition to become an artist,” Serbedzija said in a statement sent to regional broadcaster N1. 

He also said that he was a good friend with great Albanian actors, Bekim Fehmiu, Faruk and Istref Begolli, Enver Petrovci, and many others. “I keep the memories of them in my heart, not only as great actors but also as honourable, good and proud people,” Serbedzija wrote. 

    Date: 08 March 2018 16:05
    Author: GazetaExpress