Pacolli reached secret agreement with Srpska and blocked demarcation ratification

Next week the Assembly of Kosovo will ratify the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro with the votes of the Serbian MPs. Kosovo TV channel KTV reports that Belgrade requested for the agreement to be ratified after local elections in Belgrade, which are to be held on Sunday, and that the deputy Prime Minister Behgjet Pacolli was involved in reaching this agreement.


Pacolli was the first to state publicly that the border agreement with Montenegro would not be voted on Wednesday and this was confirmed during yesterday's session of Parliament. KTV reports that Pacolli himself has spoken with officials of the Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic’s cabinet to secure the votes of Srpska who boycotted Wednesday's session of Parliament. Gazeta Metro had first reported that communication of Pacolli with Serbia is the reason why the demarcation ratification is being postponed. Vucic’s Progressive Party of Serbia is expected to win the elections; therefore, Vucic did not want to create the impression in Serbia that his Srpska List is helping Albanians overcome the latest obstacle to visa liberalisation. It is unclear whether Srpska has received guarantees from the Albanian side for the prompt establishment of the Association of Serb Municipalities, which is their main demand. A few days ago Srpska MPs said that demarcation agreement was not in their in their list of priorities.


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