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Pacolli denies agreement with Srpska on demarcation

Pacolli denies agreement with Srpska on demarcation GazetaExpress

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister, Behgjet Pacolli, has reacted following reports that he reached an agreement with Serbian authorities to block ratification of the demarcation until Serbia holds mayoral elections in its capital, Belgrade.

Pacolli who is paying an official visit to Japan, refuted the news appeared in media reporting that he reached a secret agreement with Serbian MPs in Kosovo Parliament to vote the demarcation only after Serbia concludes its elections in Belgrade. “While I am staying in Japan I read headlines that I have allegedly sabotaged voting of the Agreement on demarcation! This is very low!,” Pacolli wrote in his Facebook.  

Commenting on his statement given to Kosovo TV channel Klan Kosova that the demarcation will not be ratified by mid-march, Pacolli said that he only wanted to inform public opinion that Srpska List continues to oppose ratification of the deal. “This is a malicious reporting. The truth is that I only stated that Serbs on Wednesday will note vote, the demarcation,” Pacolli wrote.

Kosovo Parliament has on Wednesday failed again for the third time in a row to ratify the demarcation Agreement with Montenegro after ruling coalition have no 80 votes needed to ratify the deal. Srpska MPs boycotted Wednesday’s session of Parliament. /Express

    Date: 01 March 2018 15:36
    Author: GazetaExpress