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Opposition says Kosovo President not mandated to negotiate with Serbia

Opposition says Kosovo President not mandated to negotiate with Serbia GazetaExpress

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) held a press conference on Friday, asking Kosovo President Hashim Thaci to report to Kosovo Parliament related to his role on the dialogue with Serbia stating that he is mandated to lead political talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Member of Parliament and chairwoman of the Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Vjosa Osmani, said that the President is not mandated to negotiate with Serbia. “Thaci is negotiating with Serbia without being mandated to lead this process,” she said. “There is no decision that the President should lead the political dialogue with Serbia. The President has no mechanisms to implement potential agreements, and there are no constitutional mechanisms to oversee his work as president. He kept secret discussions and agreements reached with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic during the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels and other places.”

“We call on the President to urgently address the Parliament and set a date to explain these meetings. We as opposition party have grounded suspicion related to his meetings with Vucic and topics discussed with him, such as the topic on partition of Kosovo.” Osmani also said that the Government of Kosovo has no strategy on the dialogue with Serbia. “The Government has no idea on how to approach in drafting a final agreement with Serbia. The Parliament should pass a resolution which clearly sets red lines of the dialogue with Serbia,” she said. Osmani criticised the Government headed by Ramush Haradinaj saying that this is a government of “isolation” and “isolated.”

    Date: 02 March 2018 14:25
    Author: GazetaExpress