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Le Figaro: Kouchner might testify against Thaci

Le Figaro: Kouchner might testify against Thaci GazetaExpress

French paper Le Figaro followed up the AFP article on war crimes allegations against Kosovo president-elect, Hashim Thaci, claiming that former UNMIK administrator for Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner might be a potential witness.

Le Figaro wrote yesterday that Thaci is likely to be accused by the Special Court. 

French paper claims that Kouchner, as the head of the UN Mission in Kosovo in 1999 to 2001, was regularly accused of "turning a blind eye" on the atrocities committed by the KLA members. 

"I cannot say that Kouchner knew about the organ trafficking, but it is impossible that he did not have the right information on the organized crime. Police Commissioner was regularly informed and media were regularly asking questions about it", said former UNMIK Police commander, Stu Kellock. 

Bernard Kouchner has always denied having provided impunity to KLA leaders.

Asked by a Serbian journalist in March 2010, he replied "Do I look like I sell organs? (...) people who say that are bastards and murderers".

The article also mentioned Nazim Bllaca, former member of Kosovo Intelligence Agency, who was sentenced to four years in prison, after confessing to the murder of many political opponents of Hashim Thaci's party. 

    Date: 09 March 2016 09:29
    Author: GazetaExpress