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Kosovo students to protest against isolation

Kosovo students to protest against isolation GazetaExpress

Kosovo students are expected to protest today in front of Parliament requesting ratification of the Agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro, Gazeta Express reports.

Students are asking ratification of the disputed border deal between Kosovo and Montenegro which is one of the outstanding criteria for Kosovo to get visa liberalisation with the EU Schengen area. They stated that non-ratification of the agreement by Parliament has isolated not only students but Kosovo citizens in general. Their request is “Ratify the Demarcation – Give Us Freedom!” The protest will be held today at 12:00 in front of Kosovo Parliament.

Kosovo MPs failed last week to ratify the deal due to lack of a political consensus and because of the rejection by opposition parties who say the delineation agreement with Montenegro leaves Kosovo without 8000 hectares of land. Ruling parties are calling for a political consensus in order to ratify the deal and get visa liberalisation. /Express/

    Date: 07 March 2018 09:34
    Author: GazetaExpress