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Kosovo’s President ready for ‘slight’ correction of border

Kosovo’s President ready for ‘slight’ correction of border GazetaExpress

Kosovo’s President favours “slight border correction” as a compromise for a final agreement with Serbia. Thaci made the statements during a debate held at the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington.

“If slight border correction is the price for reaching a final peace agreement, this would be acceptable”, Thaci said, Gazeta Express reports. Delivering a speech at the “Council on Foreign Relations” in Washington DC, in front of an audience of regional specialists, Thaci presented his idea on a final comprehensive agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. Despite readiness to “slightly redraw borders” Thaci noted that strategic assets of Kosovo in northern part of the country such as Ujman Lake, Mitrovica and Trepca mining complex are unnegotiable. He said Kosovo always won when acted in coordination with the United States, emphasizing that despite painful compromises the final outcome was always in favour of Kosovo when allied with the US.

    Date: 05 February 2019 19:56
    Author: GazetaExpress