Kosovo renewed bid to join Interpol, says FM Pacolli

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Behgjet Pacolli, told Gazeta Express that Kosovo is in the agenda of Interpol’s membership.


Pacolli says that Kosovo has never been closer to becoming part of Interpol. In an interview with the news portal he said that Kosovo’s membership bid has already been included in Interpol’s agenda. The move came after the Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj withdrew Interpol membership bid in September 2017 due to lack of support. But Pacolli says that a lot of work has been done in order for Kosovo to join this international police organisation. “Kosovo’s bid is on the agenda of Interpol. This is the first positive sign. We have worked very hard for this,” Pacolli told Gazeta Express.

A Kosovo bid to join Interpol, which represents police forces from some 190 countries, failed in 2016 at the annual meeting in Indonesia, along with bids by Palestine and Solomon Islands. All three bids were considered on the same ballot, with 62 countries voting to suspend the bid in 2017. During September 2017 Interpol General Assembly meeting in China, Kosovo decided to withdraw its bid. Last November, the General Assembly also postponed the debate pending completion of a membership study.


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