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Kosovo President had ‘short but difficult’ meeting with Serbian counterpart

Kosovo President had ‘short but difficult’ meeting with Serbian counterpart GazetaExpress

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci addressing media after meeting his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels said today’s round of dialogue was short but the most difficult one since he started negotiations with Vucic six years ago.

“It was a short but one of the most difficult meetings we have had over the last six years,” Thaci told journalists in Brussels after meeting Vucic with the facilitation of the EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini. “Serbia still believes Kosovo is their part. They are wrong, very wrong,” Thaci stated. The final agreement, according to Thaci, should be reached and this is useful for both countries. “We still believe that reaching a final agreement is possible and this is good for both Kosovo and Serbia, and for the investing in the EU future,” he said. “An agreement which facilitated the future of both countries and nations, which brings understanding and reconciliation,” he said noting that he expects this process be difficult and with obstacles.

Thaci reiterated that today’s meeting with Vucic was difficult, and he expects the same attitude also in the future meetings. “I expect the dialogue become more difficult in coming weeks or months, but negotiations will continue,” he said.

At the end Thaci said that at the end of the dialogue Kosovo expects formal recognition by Serbia, and membership into relevant international organizations. /Express/

    Date: 18 July 2018 12:05
    Author: GazetaExpress