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Kosovo philosopher Shkelzen Maliqi barred from entering Serbia

Kosovo philosopher Shkelzen Maliqi barred from entering Serbia GazetaExpress

Shkelzen Maliqi, philosopher and art critic, was barred on Monday from entering Serbia when he was due to attend a discussion on cultural cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia. Maliqi says Serbia’s move is retaliation against Kosovo officials, although as he has no political role.

Maliqi told Gazeta Express that he was travelling to Belgrade with playwright Jeton Neziraj and Kosovo 2.0 editor-in-chief Besa Luci and photographer Majlinda Hoxha, after an invitation to participate in a debate on cultural cooperation between independent cultural institutions of both countries. The publication and discussion were organized and produced in a joint project between the Center for Cultural Decontamination, based in Belgrade, and Kosovo 2.0, based in Pristina.

Kosovo 2.0 is reporting that following Maliqi being refused entry, the other members of the group also decided to return to Pristina. Maliqi talking to Gazeta Express said that Serbia is taking “retaliation” measures against Kosovo officials. “Although I have no political role,” he said. This is the first time he was banned from entering Serbia. He said that he travelled to Belgrade a few months ago and faced no problems. Tonight he will not be able to open a contemporary art exhibition curated by him.

Recently a group of Kosovo artists was also halted at the border for more than three hours by the border police of Serbia at the border crossings of Merdare, who were later allowed to attend the annual cultural event “Miredita/Dobar Dan,” which was held in Belgrade from 30 May to 2 June. /Gazeta Express/

    Date: 19 June 2018 11:30
    Author: GazetaExpress