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Kosovo opposition tells EU’s Mogherini they are against land swap idea

Kosovo opposition tells EU’s Mogherini they are against land swap idea GazetaExpress

Opposition parties in Kosovo Parliament, LDK, Vetevendosje, PSD and Alaternativa, sent on Wednesday a letter to Federica Mogherini informing the EU foreign policy chief that they are against President Hashim Thaci’s idea on exchange of territories with Serbia. Also they say that current Government has lost its legitimacy to represent Kosovo in dialogue with Serbia.

Chief o LDK MPs, Avdullah Hoti, in a Facebook post has explained that the letter addresses recent developments in Kosovo. The opposition parties who claim to represent around 60 per cent of the citizens of Kosovo, informed Mogherini that they are against the land swap idea or “correction of border” as referred by President Thaci. “Such ideas will not be supported and potential agreement deriving based on this idea will not be validated,” Hoti wrote. The chief of LDK caucus has published the letter writing that final phase of the dialogue with Serbia should be based on clear principles, by respecting state of Kosovo. “Starting a new dialogue process without necessary preparations, as is the case of current Kosovo government, will lead to failure. It is the responsibility of the Parliament of Kosovo to approve the platform on dialogue with two third of votes and this is the only way to legitimise this process. Every other option of dialoguing is destined to fail. It is in the interest of Kosovo citizens to reach a consensus within Kosovo Parliament,” Hoti wrote in Facebook. “Current Government has lost its legitimacy to represent Kosovo in this process and a new legitimacy of the Assembly should happen in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo,” Hoti said.  

Opposition parties in Kosovo Parliament believe that the EU and US should be fully involved in the final phase of talks with Serbia, and asked the final agreement between the two countries should lead to full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. “Full normalisation is achievable only through mutual recognition. The final agreement with Serbia should enable Kosovo membership into international organisations, including the UN, as well as open the way for membership into the EU and NATO,” Hoti said. /GazetaExpress/

    Date: 12 September 2018 19:14
    Author: GazetaExpress