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Kosovo gives up bid to join UNESCO

Kosovo gives up bid to join UNESCO GazetaExpress

Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs has on Wednesday issued a press release explaining reasons why they have decided not to reapply for membership in UNESCO and other international organisations.

According to Foreign Ministry headed by Behgjet Pacolli, the decision not to apply for membership was made in coordination with the US and EU. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs want to inform public opinion on Kosovo’s membership into regional, continental and global organisations, namely into the UN and its agencies which remains priority of the Republic of Kosovo,” it is stated in the press release.

“The Republic of Kosovo is member of more than sixty regional, continental and global organisations and each application procedure is done in full and close coordination with the strategic allies of Kosovo, namely with the United States of America and the European Union,” the press release reads. According to foreign ministry “pragmatic postponement of Kosovo’s membership into Interpol and UNESCO is fully support and coordinated with the US and other Quint member countries.” The Foreign Ministry pledges that these actions will contribute in strengthening international position of Kosovo, further advancing of relations with Kosovo friends and allies, and promoting peace in the region. 

Kosovo has failed in 2015 falling three votes short of the required two-thirds majority among member states. Last month Kosovo authorities also gave up their bid for Interpol membership this year, noting that Kosovo lacks necessary support to become member of the international police organisation – Interpol. 


    Date: 04 October 2017 19:05
    Author: GazetaExpress