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Kosovo Commemorates Founding Father Of The KLA

Kosovo Commemorates Founding Father Of The KLA GazetaExpress

Commemoration ceremonies held all over the country to mark the20th anniversary of the killings of Kosovo Liberation Army commander Adem Jashari and his family.

Thousands of people gathered in the village of Prekaz in Drenica region visiting the memorial of Adem Jashari and his family to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of a man whose defiant stand against Serb police and military helped inspire Kosovo's war for independence. Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and other political leaders paid homages at the memorial which marks the start of a three-day memorial event. In March 1998, Serbian security forces attacked the Jashari’s family, and after three days of shelling, Adem Jashari, a founding member of the KLA, and more than 50 members of his extended family were killed. Political leaders, including President Thaci paid homages at the Jashari’s memorial in Prekaz whereas the Parliament held a solemn session commemorating the heroic fall of the KLA leader. Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, who was a senior KLA commander in Dukagjini region, addressing the Parliament on Monday said that today we honour those who gave their lives for freedom of Kosovo, noting that Adem Jashari’s war changed the course of history and will be always remembered by Albanians whenever they are. The Speaker Kadri Veseli who was also part of the KLA, said the sacrifice of Adem Jashari and his family are unique in world’s history reminding that his sacrifice contributed for Kosovo to get its freedom. The Kosovo Security Force (KSF) paraded in its barracks near Pristina in honour of the KLA and Jashari’s Brother, Rifat, gave an emotional speech calling on Kosovo political leaders to unite in order to move the country forward. The ceremony was attended by political leaders and diplomats accredited in Pristina. Activities will continue for the next two days ending with the ‘Night of Fires” in Prekaz.  

    Date: 05 March 2018 12:47
    Author: GazetaExpress