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Kosovo Army vote, Parliament to decide on Monday

Kosovo Army vote, Parliament to decide on Monday GazetaExpress

On Monday, chiefs of parliamentary groups will convene to schedule a plenary session when MPs among other points of the agenda are expected to vote the package of laws on transition of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into Army of Kosovo.

Speaker of Parliament Kadri Veseli said on Thursday that Kosovo Army will be established by mid-December. In October MPs of both ruling and opposition approved in principle the three draft laws giving more power to current KSF civilian force, and bypassing the constitutional amendments required to change it into regular army. A constitutional obligation for that would require a “double majority” – meaning the support of two-thirds of all 120 MPs and two-thirds of the 20 ethnic non-Albanian MPs. Kosovo Serb MPs, who hold 10 of the 20 seats in parliament reserved for non-Albanian communities, have blocked such initiatives and strongly opposed creation of Kosovo Army.

    Date: 30 November 2018 16:54
    Author: GazetaExpress