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Journalist Arbana Xharra receives death threats

Journalist Arbana Xharra receives death threats GazetaExpress

One of the most serious threats against journalists of Kosovo has happened two weeks against Arbana Xharra, editor-in-chief of the daily Zeri. Unknown persons have sprayed a cross sign in read in front of her apartment’s front door.

One of the well-known journalists of Kosovo, Arbana Xharra, received death threats by unknown people. “We have reported the case to the police and the Kosovo Police serious crimes unit is dealing with it,” Xharra told Express on Monday. Xharra said that the threat in a form of a red cross has been sprayed in the wall after she left the apartment.

“When my husband was walking out of the apartment he saw the sprayed wall. He went out to see whether there are surveillance cameras somewhere around. And while looking for the surveillance cameras he noticed another sign of a cross at the place where I park my car,” said Xharra. She than reported the case to the police, noting that investigations related to this case are ongoing.

Arbana Xharra received various threats recently. “Over the last weeks a lynching campaign is ongoing against me, from various groups: religious radicals and individuals within the opposition party Vetevendosje,” said Xharra.

She mentioned the campaign of some media close to Vetevendosje. “Webpage Pampress published a slanderous report against me, and by publishing a sarcastic report they wrote that I have allegedly attacked their editor-in-chief with firearms, whereas other news portals in Macedonia and Kosovo published other false reports alleging that my uncle was collaborationist of the former Serbian regime,” Xharra said.  

    Date: 10 April 2017 15:09
    Author: GazetaExpress