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Half of Serbia’s Army deployed along the border with Kosovo

Half of Serbia’s Army deployed along the border with Kosovo GazetaExpress

Serbian Army underwent a reorganisation in 2006 in six brigades. Four of these brigades are already deployed along the border with Kosovo.

These brigades are organised in classic conventional divisions with 10 battalions each. Two other brigades, according to Belgrade media, are specialised one as artillery brigade and the other a mixed brigade of Special Forces. Out of six brigades, the second one is deployed at the military barracks “Jovo Kursula” located in Kraljevo, only 50 kilometres away from northern border of Kosovo. The third infantry brigade and heavy artillery brigade are deployed in Nis, around 60 kilometres from Kosovo border.  

Fourth brigade of infantry is located in Vranje, but in addition to Vranje they are also deployed in new barracks in Bujanoc. Military base “Jug” (South) is the most modern in Serbia and is located in the place called Cepotine near Bujanoc, only 8-9 kilometres away from the border with Kosovo. This military base is built in a 33 hectares area and is composed of 66 facilities, with the capacities for 1000 professional military personnel. 

    Date: 09 June 2017 11:00
    Author: GazetaExpress