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Foreign Ministry refutes Serb media reports that Liberia revoked recognition of Kosovo

Foreign Ministry refutes Serb media reports that Liberia revoked recognition of Kosovo GazetaExpress

Serbia’s public broadcaster – RTS is reporting that Liberia has revoked its recognition of Kosovo's independence because of the ongoing dialogue in Brussels. Liberia has recognised Kosovo’s independence in 2008 shortly after Kosovo declared its independence on 17 February 2008. Officials of Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuted Serb media reports saying that this is “fake news” and propaganda sponsored by officials in Belgrade.

The public broadcaster claims to possess the verbal note that Liberia has allegedly revoked recognition of Kosovo until the end of the dialogue and the final agreement between Pristina and Belgrade. Gazeta Express has contacted Jetlir Zyberaj, political advisor to Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli, who said that this is just propaganda of media in Belgrade. Zyberaj said that Serbia is manipulating its people with its “media propaganda” noting that Belgrade cannot stop Kosovo to get international recognition. “We expect our ambassador to submit the letter of credence to the President of Liberia because we have the official confirmation that this country has accepted our non-resident ambassador,” Zybreaj told Gazeta Express. He said that Serb media continue publish fake news related to derecognition of Kosovo by various countries. “Serbia published similar fake news also on alleged revocation of recognition by Guinea Bissau, whereas Kosovo accredited its ambassador in this country. Serbia also said that allegedly Ghana is reconsidering Kosovo’s recognition, but the Ghana Ambassador was accredited as non-resident ambassador to Kosovo,” Zyberaj said. /Express/

    Date: 20 June 2018 16:35
    Author: GazetaExpress