Edi Rama: I don’t want borders with Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia or Serbia

Gazeta Express
13 Maj 2019 9:01

Albanians in Albania and Kosovo are brothers who now live in two different countries and they should unite, says Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama.

In an interview with Belgrade-based TV Pink, Rama said that he sees this unification as part of the EU membership journey. The Albanian Prime Minister said that he wants a region without borders. “I don’t want borders with Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia. We should work to make this happen,” Rama said. According to him Serbia should face the reality and accept Kosovo as an independent and free country. “The need for reconciliation is inevitable,” Rama said urging Serbia to accept the reality. Rama said that he never mentioned the so called Greater Albania adding that this terminology was invented to be used against Albanians. Rama also believes that Serbs and Albanians can reconcile and do in Balkans what was achieved by France and Germany in the European Union.

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