Czech Republic withdrawing Kosovo’s recognition ‘unrealistic’ - Gazeta Express

Czech Republic withdrawing Kosovo’s recognition ‘unrealistic’


Gazeta Express

02/10/2019 20:06

Recognition of Kosovo’s independence was never fully supported by Czech society, but withdrawal of this recognition is unrealistic, said Radek Vondracek, Chairman of the Czech Chamber of Parliament.

“Recognition of Kosovo in the Czech Republic was followed with many disagreements and enjoyed no big support in Czech society. The Chamber of Representatives even called the Government to withdraw and find an alternative solution, and to see the future through membership of the region into the European Union. The Parliament has not recommended the government recognition of Kosovo, but at the end the government was put under a pressure and was influenced by arguments which were not correct. Time has proven this,” Vondracek, addressing the Parliament of Serbia.

Reminding statements of the Czech Republic president, Milos Zeman, who stated recently in Belgrade that his country might reconsider recognition of Kosovo, Vondracek said that these position can be seen as a push to look for alternative solutions, but “no crucial change of position of the Government of Czech Republic can be expected when it comes to Kosovo, because according to many experts this is impossible,” Vondracek stated. The Czech Republic recognised Kosovo in 2008, at the time the prime minister was Mirek Topolanek. /GazetaExpress/