British Ambassador: No red lines on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, UK is against border change

Gazeta Express
20 Shtator 2019 14:51

Newly appointed British Ambassador to Pristina, Nicholas Abbott, talking on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue has reiterated that UK is against redrawing border between Kosovo and Serbia, as solution to reaching a final agreement between the two countries.

Abott made the statements in an interview with the Kosovo Serb online media Kossev. “The United Kingdom, along with other international partners, will remain involved in the dialogue process, although it is not for the international community to define what the way forward is, it is really for Kosovo and Serbia. However, even though there are no red lines, there are parameters, and one such parameter is that the UK does not support ethnic partition or delimitation,” Abbott is quoted as saying. Asked whether United Kingdom has drawn a red line when it comes to the dialogue frame, Abbot said: “Red lines is a hard word, I think parameters is a better word.” /GazetaExpress/

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