After poisonous ballots Serbian president warns of looming catastrophe in Serb-Albanian relations

Gazeta Express
14 Tetor 2019 12:07

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that any attempt to abolish the Srpska List could lead to catastrophic consequences in Serb-Albanian relations, claiming that Kosovo Albanians and their Western partners were working together to achieve that goal.

Vucic accused the Kosovo Albanians of inventing “some story about poisonous envelopes with votes from Serbia”. “Now they’re no longer sure that they’re poisonous any longer. They don’t know what to come up with but they say that the Serb List needs to be abolished. That will cause catastrophic consequences in relations between Serbs and Albanians because there will be no Serbs in the institutions and when there are no Serbs in institutions you know where they will be and how they will have to defend their freedom and homes,” he said during a meeting with Russian Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko, N1 reported citing FoNet.

Members of the Kosovo Central Election Commission reported allergic reactions and a foul smell from envelopes with votes brought in from Serbia. The envelopes were quarantined pending a police forensic investigation. The Serbian president said that it’s strange that none of the Serbs present in the Central Election Commission reported any symptoms of poisoning when the envelopes with votes cast in Serbia were opened. Vucic said that official Belgrade had asked its Western partners to see reason and not help the Kosovo Albanians achieve what he called “their sick goals … or face a catastrophe”. “Everything they did, they did together with the goal of destroying the Serb List. That is of great concern to us,” he said.

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