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Medicus case doctor, Lutfi Dervishi, remains in detention

Medicus case doctor, Lutfi Dervishi, remains in detention GazetaExpress

The Court of Appeals upheld today a two-month detention for Kosovo doctor Lutfi Dervishi, who is accused of organised crime and human trafficking.

The Court has rejected as ungrounded the appeal of the defence counsel, against a ruling of the Basic Court of Pristina issued on 10.04.2017, to extend the detention on remand for Dervishi for additional two months. “The Court of Appeals among other concludes that there is a reasonable doubt that the defendant has committed the abovementioned criminal offences, and there is a legal ground to extend the detention on remand against him, because he might evade the justice or escape, to avoid criminal responsibility if released from detention, considering that there is an active international warrant against him issued by the Basic Court of Pristina, dated 25.03.2016, because he failed to appear at the correctional institution to serve the sentence and escaped from Kosovo,” it is stated in a press release.

In December 2016, the Supreme Court of Kosovo ordered a retrial of doctors and officials convicted of involvement in an organ trafficking ring that performed dozens of illegal kidney transplants between 2006 and 2008, at the private clinics “Medicus” near Pristina. The director of the clinic, urologist Lutfi Dervishi, was jailed for eight years for organised crime and human trafficking and his son for seven years in 2013. Both went into hiding and never served the sentence. Only days after the Supreme Court ruling on rerial of the so called "Medicus" case, Dervishi was arrested by the Kosovo Police and ordered detention, pending retrial. 

    Date: 20 April 2017 17:23
    Author: GazetaExpress