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Çitaku: No reconciliation with Serbia, without accountability and justice

Çitaku: No reconciliation with Serbia, without accountability and justice GazetaExpress

Kosovo Ambassador to US, Vlora Citaku, said that there cannot be reconciliation with Serbia without their accountability and justice. Çitaku made these comments addressing the UN Security Council, discussing the quarterly report on Kosovo.

"Let’s just do a quick reality check. First, this is 2016, not 1999. Second, Kosovo is no longer administered by the United Nations, as of 17 of February 2008. Kosovo is a free and independent state, recognized by the overwhelming majority of the free nations of the world,” said Çitaku. “But, yet, we come here, every three months, to hear from my colleagues from Serbia, about a parallel universe, in which Kosovo’s statehood is inexistent, in which, it was Kosovo Albanians that committed ethnic cleansing, in which the oppressor becomes the oppressed. In this parallel universe that Serbia portraits, Milosevic is the hero, and KLA that fought for freedom are the terrorists,” said Çitaku.

"While we will never shy away, and we remain committed to bring justice to all the victims, regardless of their ethnicity, we are not seeing the same level of commitment from our northern neighbour. Kosovo has taken unprecedented measures to address the alleged crimes, by establishing the Special Court. Cooperation with international and local justice was never a subject of negotiation in Kosovo. We want justice for all, because that’s the only way we can bring peace to all the families who have lost their dear ones. We in Kosovo don’t fear justice, because we have nothing to hide. Our cause was just, our war was just,” she said.

“As we are going at great lengths to address all allegations, Serbia has been everything but willing to prosecute war crimes. I have said it before in this chamber, and I will say it again. 20,000 women were raped in Kosovo during the war. The number of the indicted people is zero.

“1,262 children were brutally killed. The number of indicted again is zero. Thousands missing, and there is a very clear trace of the institutional chain of responsibility and command to hide the traces. As it was documented, Serbian government had gone as far as erecting construction buildings on top of the mass grave sites. The number of indicted, again and again, is zero. There cannot be reconciliation without accountability and justice," concluded Çitaku.

    Date: 17 November 2016 10:46
    Author: GazetaExpress